Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding and most couples take special care in choosing the best photographer they can find.

Wedding photography is by far one of the best-selling niches in commercial photography, and its popularity only continues to grow. In order to attract new clients in this competitive market, it’s important to showcase and promote your work effectively.

Today we will discuss some simple ways to showcase your wedding photography, both online and in person.

Online Promotion

The most important showcase for your photography is something you may already have; your portfolio. Most professional photographers have an online portfolio, which they consistently update and feature their very best work.

Photoswarm is a great platform to use when showcasing your photography online as it’s simple to update and includes options for professionals like photo sales and sideshows that allow potential clients to easily view your photography.

In Person Promotion

Of course, while it’s important to showcase your work online, don’t forget about offline promotion as well. Having a well polished and put together collection of your work handy to show potential clients is absolutely essential and can make or break in person sales.

Here are a few ideas for showcasing your wedding photography.

  • Canvas or framed prints
  • Photo books and albums
  • Promotional video
  • Wedding photography displayed in bridal shops, or florists

Canvas or Framed Prints

Consider having some of your best wedding photos made into canvases or framed prints to display in your studio or to show clients in their homes. This is a great way to show your work to potential clients, as well as possibly interest them in buying canvas or framed prints with the photos from their own wedding.

Be sure to invest in some larger sizes, as these are more profitable and have potential to be great sellers. Most couples don’t see the need for a 20 x 24 inch canvas or print, until they see how great one looks in person. It’s one thing to imagine a photo in different sizes, but it’s definitely another to actually see it.


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Photo Books and Albums

Make sure you always have some photo album / book samples on hand to show your photography to potential clients.

According to a 2010 survey, wedding photographers generated almost one-quarter of their revenue from the sale of photo products. The best sellers on the list? Photo albums and photo books. Photo albums contributed over 50% of the photo product revenue, while digitally printed photo books accounted for another 20% of revenue.

Promotional Video

You could make a promotional video to show prospective clients. Short is good, with about two or three minutes being an ideal length.

It may be worthwhile to hire a videographer to accompany you on a photoshoot—maybe an engagement session, to capture some footage of a photoshoot in action so that prospective clients can see how you operate, get a feel for your style and see whether you’re a good fit for them.

Wedding Photography Displayed in Bridal shops, or Florists

You don’t need a studio to showcase your work in person. Other local businesses that also operate in the wedding market might be willing to promote your work, possibly in exchange for you promoting theirs. You could offer to hand out a bridal shop’s business cards to your clients. Or offer florists some free photography of their flowers for their website. Since you are both marketing to the same clientele, it makes sense to market together.

And Finally…

Success as a wedding photographer is largely dependent on how well you market your photography. Try to look out for opportunities to showcase your work, and be sure to constantly watch for new promotional ideas!

How do you promote or showcase your work?