Up till now we’ve been using a hacked together google documents form which linked back to a google documents spreadsheet to collate all the feedback we’ve been receiving for new and existing features however we’ve just discovered Uservoice which is a service that makes listening to what users want much easier, far more interactive and more rewarding.

It works by allowing users to vote on their favourite ideas and then the items that are most wanted or needed, bubble to the top allowing us to focus on developing or improving the things that are most in demand.

Click on the red tab to the left of this page or go to feedback.photoswarm.com. We are going to be integrating it more tightly throughout our retail website and also throughout the admin pages of our photo websites so that feedback can be left almost anywhere.

If you’ve got a website of your own and you need to be listening closely to your users then these guys have designed a great product for the job. We’re more than happy with it.

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