Most of us are always on the lookout for ways to get new clients.

Social media websites are great places to find new clients. Whether you are selling photos or photography services, social networking sites are ideal places to promote your work.

Here are some social media websites that can help you to find new clients.

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Facebook can help you to find new clients. With 1.11+ billion users, Facebook is the largest social networking site today. Photographers who offer services, such as wedding photographers, family portrait photographers, and lifestyle photographers can especially benefit from a Facebook business page.

Facebook’s tagging system is perfect for photographers. Upload client photos and tag away! People love to share things with their friends, and plenty of likes means lots of exposure for your photography business.

Tip: Make sure your watermark is tasteful. Tacky watermarks discourage people from sharing photos.


Pinterest is a newcomer to the group, but it is showing huge potential as a way for photographers to gain exposure, find new clients, and increase sales.

Pinterest is a virtual pin board that allows users to share things they like. Photographers can benefit from a Pinterest account, as it’s allows you to share your photos with people who are interested in them.

Tip: Some studies show that Pinterest currently drives more sales than Facebook.


Twitter can help you to gain publicity, and maybe even find a few new clients. The best way to use Twitter is as an easy way to share brief content -you want to get people interested enough to follow you or check out your portfolio or blog.

Tip: Around 50 percent of Twitter’s users are accessing the social network via mobile. This means that content should ideally be short and to the point –interesting to people who are on the go.


Instagram can be an important marketing tool for photographers. With an Instagram account, you can promote your photography to a user base of about 100 million users!

Tip: While Instagram is known for its casual approach to photography, keep the quality of your photography high.


One of the best things about Google+ is that it allows you to maximize traffic to your website or portfolio. Because Google indexes your Google+ posts as searchable, you can use Google+ to increase the traffic to your website –meaning potential clients will be able to find you easier.

Tip: Google+ includes some nifty features for photographers! With high image quality, your photos will look better on Google+ than on Facebook. Google+ also has photo albums that are fun to browse through, and look great.

When it comes to networking, you have to be friendly to gain friends. Remember to interact with other users. Following others will help you to gain followers, so will participating in discussions, and writing about trending topics.

While social networking sites can help you to find new clients, they aren’t designed to be substitutes for a professional portfolio. You should use your social networking sites as a way to link back to your professional portfolio. Having a portfolio with your own domain name is important as well; it looks professional, and is the best way to showcase your work.

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