We’re very proud to say that our pro photo websites now support the selling of images via paypal. This new feature is based upon a fairly simple paypal shopping cart process where visitors click on a paypal “buy now” button and then complete the buy transaction via the paypal website.

Pro users can set this up from within the admin section of your photo website by editing the album containing the photos you wish to sell and then navigating to the “sell images” area. From there you can enter your paypal email address or merchant number, choose a currency and begin entering individual media, size and price information for each image.

As the ordering process is done via paypal and Photoswarm is not involved at any point, the fulfilment of any order is carried out by the content owner selling the images. So if a visitor buys a large canvas print from your site, you verify that you have received the money in your paypal account, organise for the canvas print to be created & sent to your customer and also liaise with them through that process.

As you are free to edit the description of what you are selling there is no limit to the types of things that this feature could be used for. Photographs, canvas prints, greeting cards, t-shirts, stickers, mugs etc. If you can make it and organise for it to be sent to your customer then you can sell it through a Photoswarm pro photo website. You can even use it for image downloads or the licensing of photos.

You can see the new photo sale feature in action by navigating here and clicking the buy button at the bottom of the page.

Want to sell your photos but haven’t got a pro photo website? Head over here and we’ll have you up and running in no time.

For more info about the different types of photo website plans we’ve got, take a look here.

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