First things first, I’m Aidan, the head geek.

So, we’ve almost finished rebuilding the whole backend of our photoswarm photo hosting website engine from the ground up. Originally it was written in php however we’ve since switched to coldfusion. It’s cleaner, leaner and faster making it easier for you to upload and share your photos online.

Previously we were using, an MVC framework for php. It’s a lovely framework, and very fast by all reports. But we’re perfectionists, and we expect the same from our code. In recent years we’ve developed mainly in coldfusion and whilst, it’s a great language (especially for rapid development), the price tag isn’t so great. Fortunately the guys over at Railo have developed a kick ass open source version of coldfusion. We love it.

As time goes on I’ll get into more specific detail about how / why we’ve developed the photo hosting website engine the way we have. In the meantime, enjoy.

As always, we’re very fond of feedback.

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