Version 2 of our Photoswarm photo website hosting engine is live. From the outside it may appear that nothing much has changed but on the inside it’s a completely new beast.

We’re now running Coldfusion on Railo which means that every last line of code behind the scenes has been rewritten resulting in pages loading on average 5 times faster than before.

By far the biggest benefit however is that we can now start to roll out some of the other features we’ve been working on. Expect to be able to sell your images, incorporate your contact details within your photo website and set a custom email addresses ( for your domain name.

For all the geeks out there: we’ve moved to a Super Singleton Architecture (for want of a better term – yes, we made that up). It’s a kind of Frankenstein monster of Ruby on Rails and Erlang. It works really well for us as we get to utilize the rapid application development of Coldfusion while working around its traditional performance issues with object instantiation.

Once we get the teething issues sorted out I’ll post a few code samples with explanations of why it works so well for us.

Also for the geeks, we’re loving this at the moment: