2014 is officially here, and we have to admit, we’re curious to see what’s in store for photography this year.

From extreme photography and candid photos, to make-your-own photography gear, 2014 looks like it will be full of exciting photography trends. Here is a look at some of our predictions for this year.

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Extreme Photography

Look for extreme photography in 2014! Underwater photos, extreme weather photography, or pictures of polar bears swimming in the artic; photography in 2014 will push the limits. Extreme photography takes center stage as more sports enthusiasts, adventurers, and travellers are documenting their adventures with photography, and sharing their photos on social networking sites, blogs, and other online platforms.

Candid Photography

Capturing candid shots rather than the standard posed photos of yesteryear is what photographers in 2014 will be doing a lot more of. Many couples are hiring photographers to take a candid, journalist approach for their weddings, and we predict that this trend will carry over into lifestyle photography, with photographers branching out and taking more candid style photos, or shots that are staged to look candid, rather than the typical posed ones.


Love it or hate it, bokeh appears to be one trend that’s here to stay. Bokeh photos were popular in 2013, but we predict that this trend will carry over into 2014 as well. With the availability of DSLR cameras continuing to grow, more and more people will continue to discover the cool things that their new cameras are capable of –among these inevitable discoveries is bokeh, in all of its blurry glory.

Macro Photography

Macro photos are continuing to grow in popularity. Macro photography is easier to capture than ever before, and there are tons of macro photography workshops available online which can only mean one thing: photography enthusiasts and professionals alike will be trying their hand at macro this year.

Light Painting

Light painting is a cool technique that involves using slow shutter speed photography and a flashlight or other light source to “paint;” creating artistic photographs. This technique has been around for a while, but it has really grown in popularity in the last couple of years. We imagine 2014 will see more unique, and strange, light painting techniques.

HDR (High Dynamic Range Imaging)

High dynamic range imaging is growing in popularity. HDR is a set of techniques that involves using software to mesh three or four -or more- images into a single image. The results of this are a more dynamic photo, or when done correctly, one that looks more realistic; almost how you would have seen the scene with your eye. With advances in software, HDR is now easier to achieve than ever before, making it a popular photography technique that we’ll be seeing a lot more of in 2014.

More Instagram

More photography-based social networking is on the agenda for 2014, and it’s no stretch of the imagination to see why. With smartphones continuing to grow in popularity, we imagine that 2014 will see more camera phone photos than ever before; and yes, that means more pictures of cats -and lunches- on Instagram.

DIY Photography

The DIY culture is taking over the world! In the world of photography, this is certainly no exception. We expect to see more photography enthusiasts, passionate about capturing their own photos, and anxious to learn more. We also expect to see a rise in DIY photography gear, homemade lightboxes, reflectors, and more. Advances in digital equipment, and the affordability of photography are making photography available to anyone. Watch out for a whole new world of photography enthusiasts.

What do you think? Which trends do you predict for 2014? Share your predictions with us below!