If you are a photographer who is looking to gain some additional publicity online, you may want to consider submitting your portfolio to online directories.

Online directories can be a great way for you to get noticed. Since people who are looking for a photographer often head online to search out photographers in their area, having your website listed in directories can help people to find you easier. Additionally, online directories can help to optimize your site for search engines.

Here are some of our top picks for online directories, as well as image bookmarking sites that you can use to help get your name out there.

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Online Directories

Help your website to get noticed with online directories. While it’s best to exercise caution when signing up with online directories -the last thing you want is to subscribe to spam!- legitimate online directories can help customers to find you easier.

It’s estimated that 70% of people go online first to find local business information. This means that as a local photographer, having an established web-presence may be more beneficial than an ad in the Yellow Pages!

Listing your website in various online directories can increase your chances of being found.

  • Photographer HQ is designed to help people find professional photographers in their area. This site allows photographers who offer photography services to sign up, and helps to connect them with clients who are in need of wedding, events, business, fashion, or portrait services. This website allows you to post ten of your best photos, and a brief overview of your services, to give clients an idea of what you offer.
  • The Photographer Directory brands itself as “The web’s most complete, search engine friendly list of talented professional photographers.” The Photographer Directory prides itself on featuring only high-quality photographers on its website, so make sure you clean up your portfolio before submitting it. It’s free to register, all you they ask is that you link back to the directory from your website.
  • Cool Photo Blogs is a directory of…well…cool photo blogs. If you have a photography blog, you should consider submitting it to Cool Photo Blog. The top picks are featured in the CPB “hall of fame.” There is also a featured spot for newcomers as well. It’s free to register at Cool Photo Blog, but not every blog is accepted.
  • Photographers.com is a worldwide directory that allows users to search for photographers in their area. They also have a “featured photographers” section with photographs from the top photographers on the site. While this directory isn’t free, they offer reasonable monthly or yearly plans.

Image Bookmarking Sites

Image bookmarking sites are another great way to get your photos noticed. Like directories, image bookmarking sites allow users to view your work, but unlike directories, image bookmarking sites focus on allowing users to search by photography type, rather than location. This means that image bookmarking sites may be a better option for photographers who sell prints and stock imagery, rather than photography services.

With image bookmarking sites, popular photos get featured on the front page; not bad for free publicity. Just make sure your profile links up with your main portfolio or website.

  • Flickr is one of the most well-known image bookmarking sites. Flickr’s recent update has given the site a modern interface. Flickr allows you to license your images to Getty, allowing you to easily sell them as stock. You can also license your photos under a selection of different copyrights.
  • Deviantart, the famous hang-out for artists and other creative types can help your photography to get noticed. Free to join, and popular work is sent to the front page. Deviantart also allows you to sell prints directly from the site.
  • Photography Sites.com is easy to join, and allows people to search for photos by category. Photography Sites.com also features popular photos, and latest photos. This directory is very social, and allows photographers to interact with each other in the forums. Photography Sites.com is also free to join.

With any online directory, the goal is to drive traffic back to your main website or portfolio. Because of the review process that portfolios usually undergo before being accepted into a directory, it’s important to make sure your website or portfolio is up to standard before submitting your site to directories.

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