Looking for some ways to grow your photography business?

Business partnerships are a great way to increase publicity –and commissions.

It’s not what you think!

Partnerships don’t always involve sharing ownership of your company –many times, partnerships don’t even involve other photographers.

Read on to discover some partnership ideas that just might work for your photography business.

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Join Forces With Other Businesses

Professional relationships with other businesses in your area are a great way to grow your photography business.

The wedding photography industry is an especially good example of this. Some wedding photographers are joining forces with other wedding-centric businesses in their local area. Together, along with wedding coordinators, florists, and cake designers, these photographers are staging showcase weddings, to put their creative skills on display and let clients know what they have to offer. Staging photo shoots is a great way to show off your skills to potential clients –and fill your portfolio with some great work.

Photography is very much a local business. Partnering with other local businesses gives you a great opportunity to make connections and grow your business.

Join up With Another Photographer

Want to shoot weddings? Get more practice by becoming a second shooter for another photographer. Shooting in the shadow of another photographer gives you the opportunity to grow your skills. It also allows you to get some practice shooting weddings without the added pressure of being the main photographer. It is also the perfect opportunity to get some material to showcase in your portfolio.

Business Partnerships

Go into business with another photographer!

Partnerships allow you to share some of the costs, and divide up the tasks that are involved with operating a business, meaning that you will have more time to focus on photography. However make sure you partner with the right photographer in order for the partnership to be a success.

Referral Partnerships

Look for win-win situations. You could establish a paid partner referral program with another photographer. If the photographer is overbooked, or if they get client requests that are outside of their niche, they could refer the clients to you. Each time the other photographer sends a new client your way, you pay them a commission.

You could also establish a referral program with other local businesses that share your target market. With a mutual client referral program, you can refer clients to the other business, and they can recommend you as a photographer to their clients. A client referral program is beneficial for both you and the other businesses.

Partner with a Charity

Partner up with a charity. Not only does this allow you the chance to give to a good cause, it also gives you a great opportunity to get some free publicity for your business.

Most charities have auctions, or fund-raising events. These provide you with the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself.

The best approach is to ask the charity if you can help them with one of their projects. Being willing to help is a great way to make contact and makes a great first impression. It also means that the charity may be more open to some of your ideas later on.

Helping a charity puts you into contact with potential clients, and also increases the chance of getting some exposure –maybe even through the press!

Try to choose a charity whose supporters are part of your target market. This will help to increase your chances of actually gaining clients from the partnership.

Hopefully some of these tips have inspired you to look out for partnership opportunities in your area. Remember, a good partnership has the potential to grow your business to levels you may never have expected.

Have you had any success with business partnerships?

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