Instagram is a fast-growing social networking application that allows users to share their iPhone, or smart phone, photos to an audience of over 150 million users.

With major brands such as Coca-Cola and BMW already benefiting from Instagram accounts, smaller companies are now starting to notice the publicity that an Instagram presence can generate.

Instagram can be a great marketing tool for photographers. Read on to find out how you can use Instagram to grow your photography business.

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Show Your Photography Services

Photos are an effective way to increase sales. If you offer portraits and wedding photography, share photos from your photoshoots on Instagram. Make sure you tag them effectively, with hashtags like #wedding, #portraits, etc.

Share Photos on a Regular Basis

Try to set a plan to post photos on a regular basis. By sharing photos consistently, you can appear more often in your followers’ feeds. Start by posting one photo per day and working up from there. Appearing in your followers’ feeds means that you will be fresh in their minds when they need a photographer.

Use Hashtags

Using the hashtag (#) in front of words that describe what your photo is about allows people to find your photos easier. Use one or two hashtags per photo, and try to use tags that relate to your local business.

Use Filters

Instagram users prefer photos with certain filters over other photos. By taking a look at which filters are trending, and trying out new, popular filters you can help increase your publicity! Take a look at the top trending filters.

Promote Your Website or Blog

Your website, or portfolio, is where you want to drive all of your traffic. Make sure you link your Instagram photos back to your website, online portfolio, or blog.

Like Other Photos

Liking the photos of your target customer is a great way to build your Instagram following. Leaving comments is another good way to gain followers. When you like photos and leave comments, people will be more likely to follow you back.

Locate Your Photos

Instagram integrates with Foursquare, which allows users to locate their posts. This, along with Instagram’s photo map gives local businesses an advantage over companies with no set location.

Keep it Professional

Remember, while Instagram is known for its casual approach to photography, it’s always best to keep it professional. Maintaining a high level of quality with your Instagram photos will give people an idea of the quality of your work.

Use Other Instagram Tools

Using other tools can help you to get the most out of Instagram. Followgram is a great web interface that allows you to manage your Instagram presence. Ink361 is another web interface that allows you to view photos easier, and engage with other Instagram users. Ink361 is also starting to allow users to sell their photos -a great feature for professional photographers. Photoswarm is another great tool to use with Instagram. Photoswarm allows you to import your photos from Instagram to Photoswarm; a simple way to fill your Photoswarm portfolio with your Instagram photos.


Do you have an Instagram account? What are some ways that you promote your company with Instagram?