Potentially the most boring part of any website is it’s terms & conditions. Our new terms that we’ve just posted, whilst granted, do harbour their fair share of coma inducing jargon, have got a fantastic little surprise. Clearly we’re not going to spell it out for you…..you’ll just have go and take a look.

On a more serious note, we’ve written these terms with everybody’s best interests at heart and if there is something that you are not sure about or downright want changed then let us know by leaving feedback. We read everything and love to know what our users are thinking.

We’ve also made a few small cosmetic changes to our users sites to make us look just that little bit prettier:

Nicer tag swarm: On the right hand side of the user sites the tag swarm now spreads itself out evenly within it’s container.

Optional borders for photos: Photos displayed fullscreen can now have a thin white border framing them. This feature can be turned on from within the site settings part of your admin pages.

Plain backgrounds: User sites now have the option of having a simple plain background as well as the swanky lined one. Again, this can be accessed from the admin pages.

Arrow keys cycle through images: When viewing images fullscreen, the arrow keys can now be used to flick between each image as well as the mouse.

Easier admin navigation: It’s now easier to tell which admin page you are on and which one you want to go to.

Save changes feedback: A little feedback box will let you know when your changes have been saved so you know what’s going on the whole time.

Like these features? Got some of your own you want developed? Let us know!

Leadenhall Market