We’ve been looking into a few iPhone bugs in the gallery this weekend. It seems that due to the iPhone’s unique scrolling and zooming system our gallery calculations (of which there are quite a few) aren’t quite coming up with the right numbers. In fact, this is the first web testing we’ve done on the iPhone and we picked up quite a few things.

It’s an interesting interface in that there’s not a concept of a mouse pointer anymore, which means that such things as rollovers no longer make sense. As a result our nice album rollover effect no longer works at all. This is a general problem for interface designers. More then ever we need to make sure that buttons look like buttons and not by changing their look on hover. Fortunately users become more and more geek savvy every day.

A more difficult issue to solve is that fixed positioning doesn’t work as one would expect (hate to say it but it feels a bit IE6). This one surprises me a little bit more. I understand that the scrolling and zooming model is different here – but I’m not sure that Apple’s implementation needs to be. Fixed positioning should put an element relative to the viewport and even though the movement of the viewport is a touch (excuse the pun) different, the viewport itself isn’t. Anywhoo, just need to add it to the ever increasing list of browsers to support I guess. We hope to have some better fixes for these issues out the door soon.