In this pro photographer interview we speak to Claire Gray Bailey, learn what inspires her, how she works and also how she uses Photoswarm to sell her photography work commission free.

1. Tell us about your experiences getting started as a professional photographer.

I started my professional photography career shortly after I graduated from college when I moved into photographing weddings and portraits. It was really quite a process though and I needed a better outlet to communicate with my clients about their photos. This is where Photoswarm helped.

2. How do you use Photoswarm’s sales / shopping cart features to run your photography business?

I pride myself on quick turnaround times. I want my client to receive their prints as quickly as possible and Photoswarm gives me the freedom to do that. Clients can order easily and I love how I receive a complete breakdown of their order, pictures and all. It saves me a lot of time and I’m able to check their order quickly and thoroughly before delivery.

3. Are there any other aspects of your Photoswarm site that you love or couldn’t do without?

I love the custom page option. I took the custom page and linked it to my dropbox for file sharing. I also offer photo editing as part of my services and have found that the process of making and reviewing edits is smoother. I also use Photoswarm’s privacy controls to password protect and selectively restrict photo albums so my clients privacy is protected.

Photoswarm is great because it is a one-stop shop for all my clients photo needs.

4. Would you give a brief walk through of your workflow?

Within 3 days of my client’s photo session, I upload all the photos to Photoswarm. As soon as I get an email confirming a purchase has been made, I print out the order and then fulfil it. As soon as the order is in my hands from the printer, I double check it with Photoswarm’s order information and then deliver it. This process allows me to ensure my clients have their photos within one week.

5. What about photography captivates your interest?

I love to create something. I love looking at how light falls on an object and how it creates the mood of a subject. I love to take what I see and translate it for the rest of the world. There is nothing greater than showing my clients the beauty I see in them, it is the greatest gift I can give. I love pulling their inner beauty into a photograph.

6. Is there anything you want to photograph that you’ve not yet shot?

Yes, always. I have a whole list, but I think the one thing I really want to shoot is a high fashion spread for Vogue. I love fashion and that is definitely one of my goals and dreams.

7. What advice would you have for someone who wants to improve his or her photography skills?

Find out what makes you special and work on that every day. Many successful photographers have a look that is consistent and truly theirs.

Claire’s pro photo portfolio website can be found at and you can also find her on Facebook.

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