We love Instagram photos. We also know that Instagram photos look amazing outside of Instagram’s app and full size on the web. That’s why we’ve built a feature to allow you to import your photos directly from your Instagram account so your Photoswarm account can now easily be filled with your great looking Instagram photos.


Importing is easy:

1) Login to the admin area of your Photoswarm website.

2) Click “Import Photos”, then select “Import photos from Instagram”.

3) Login to your Instagram account using your Instagram username & password, then click the green “Authorize” button.

4) Some of your Instagram photos will appear. Either create a new album or select an existing album to import your Instagram photos to.

5) Select the Instagram photos you would like to import, then just click the “Import Images” button to begin the import.


We’d love to know what you think of this feature. Let us know on our Facebook page, via Twitter or in the comments below.


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