Where are your terms of service?

We’re so new we haven’t done that part yet. We thought we would focus on building something simple and functional before we got bogged down with writing deep legal documents. In a nutshell, Photoswarm is run by people who love photos. We value our photographs and the copyright that goes along with them very highly and have absolutely no intention whatsoever of attempting to claim ownership of anybody else’s, meaning that if you post your photos on a photoswarm site, only you retain the copyright.
I tried to upload a photo but after I click browse, select the image and hit ok nothing seems to happen?
When we were designing the upload process we tried to make it as streamlined as possible meaning that you just need to select your photo to upload, hit ok and then the upload process carries on in the background. After a certain time the photo will appear within your album. This means you can, one after the other, fairly quickly select a number of images and upload them simultaneously. resolved!

Upload one image at a time, are you serious!?

This is something that is categorically at the top of our list. There are a lot of good systems out there for this kind of thing however some of them use technology like java or flash meaning that if the user doesn’t have one of those installed on their machine, our system wouldn’t work. We opted for building a slick, simple uploader, before we concentrated on the more advanced version. Again….definitely at the top of our list. resolved!

Can I make my site to look different?

Yes, you can change the background colour of your site (I forget the number of colours but it’s a lot!) by going to “site settings” within the admin section. We didn’t want to end up with any crazy myspace like garishness so decided to keep the customisation simple and clean.

Is there anyway to stop images scaling to my screen size?

At present no. We opted for a scaling effect so that if users wanted to view images larger than other services they would only have to make their browser bigger. 

Is there a limit to the amount of photos I can upload?

The short answer is no. We’re only offering free accounts at the moment as our fully featured version is still being developed. Once we’ve got that to a point we can release it we will be creating an image cap for the free accounts with the fully featured account being unlimited for personal use. We’re not going to get you hooked and then hit you with a 10 image limit either. It will be fair and reasonable.