Many professional photographers proclaim the merits of having a Facbook business page.

Top social networking sites like Facebook often rank among the most frequently visited websites. Since many people turn to the internet when they are in need of photography services, establishing a prominent web presence is essential. Plus, Facebook is free, so why not take advantage of some free promotion?

Some photographers are unconvinced however. Facebook, according to some, certainly has its drawbacks. With Facebook’s ever changing policies, and recent fears over image rights, many photographers wonder if having a Facebook business page is really worth it.

If you’re considering a Facebook business page, here are a few important things to keep in mind.

Choose Your Name Carefully

Make sure the name you sign up with is the name you plan to keep. While Facebook allows you to change the appearance name, the name in the URL will always remain the same. Choose wisely, because once you develop a fan base, changing your name will be trickier.

Designing Your Banner

While your Facebook page might not be your home store front, it is still important to create good first impressions. Keep in mind that potential clients may find their way to your Facebook page before visiting your actual website, so make those first impressions count. It may be worth hiring a designer to make your page banner, and don’t forget to keep it consistent with your brand/image.

Read Facebook’s Policies

While this may sound mundane, it’s important to have a look at Facebook’s policy page, to ensure that you stay within their requirements.

Separate Business from Personal

Be sure to keep your business and personal pages separate. This will keep your personal life and photos separate from your business. Always be professional on your business page, keep any inside conversations with friends on your personal page.

Great Reasons to Have a Facebook Business Page

There are plenty of great reasons to have a Facebook business page. Here are some of the benefits that come from having one.

  • Helps with SEO

While having a web based portfolio is a must, having a Facebook business page is helpful for search engine optimization too. Adding tags to your photos in Facebook allows search engines to easily find your page. Labeling your photos effectively helps people find you better.

  • Free Promotion

Uploading your photographs to your Facebook business page. If you tag a client in their picture their friends will see your name as well, meaning more promotion for you. Be sure to watermark your photos and advise clients not to remove the watermark. You don’t want to include all your work on your Facebook page, just your best shots. Use Facebook as an avenue to drive people to your portfolio.

  • Link Building

You can link up your Facebook business page with your Twitter account, or any other social networking accounts you may have. This helps with link building, and makes it easy for potential clients to add you and keep up with your work and any promotions you may offer.

Issues Associated With Facebook

Some people fear that having a Facebook page will cheapen their work. Of course, this can be avoided by using Facebook at a promotional tool, not as your main website. Large companies such as Cola-Cola and Ferrari have Facebook pages and this has hardly cheapened their image.

Some people worry that if their clients ‘friend’ them on Facebook, they will expect friend discounts. Of course, while this could happen, it’s hardly the norm.

What about image rights? Some photographers fear that their photos will become Facebook’s property once they are uploaded to the site. Facebook’s terms and conditions however, state that you own all of your own content that you post on your page.

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The main issues associated with a business Facebook, are the constantly changing rules, policy, and layout. Keep informed and updated with the policies, just as you would with any marketing agency, and remember, Facebook isn’t an ideal replacement for a portfolio or business webpage.


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