Publicity is an important way for photographers to help their work to stand out amongst the crowd.

Two of the most important ways of generating publicity online are your promotional strategy and your success at networking via social media.

So what are some ways a photographer can gain publicity and followers on social networks?

  • Post interesting content
  • Provide relevant information
  • Be engaging and show genuine interest in others

To gain followers, it’s essential to provide content people are actually interested in following. In short: give people a reason to follow you.

Posting interesting and varied content can help you gain publicity. Remember, no one enjoys hearing someone talk about himself all the time, so it’s important to diversify. Posting photography news, featuring the work of other photographers and sharing stories can all help increase your readership.

Here are some ways to promote your photography online:


And update it. Keep things interesting and entertaining, and try to connect with your readers. Publish information that is relevant to your readership. Try posting how-to articles, funny anecdotes, or even interviews.


Joining and contributing in a forum helps to boost your online publicity. Most forums allow you a link in your signature, so be sure to link up to your portfolio or blog.

Guest Posting

Join forces with other bloggers: offer to contribute guest posts for them. Conversely, you could recruit guest posters for your own blog -it would increase publicity for you both!


By commenting on other people’s articles or social media accounts, you help build community and get to know others interested in similar fields. Sometimes you can include a link to your blog or website.


By including keywords, you increase your chances search engines finding you. Don’t forget keywords such as your location, city, state, region, and style of photography.

Local Listing

Local Listings can help people in your area to find you. There is no shortage of local listing sites, so pick the most popular ones and submit your site to a few.

Press Releases

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Press releases are informative, plus they aren’t hard to do. Websites such as allow you to submit articles easily. Quoting someone else increases your chances of being found. Be sure to add your website URL inside the press release.

Social Media Websites

Signing up with social media sites is a great way to gain followers. Followers are important because they will receive notifications when you post new content.

Facebook Business Page

Facebook is by far the most popular social networking site, with over 1 billion users. This is a great place for promotion, especially if you are a photographer who does weddings, portraits or events. The tagging feature on Facebook lets you tag your clients in their photos, and allows them to share your work with friends.


Twitter is a quick way to share content. It’s estimated that about half of Twitter’s user base uses Twitter via mobile. Keeping content under the 140 character limit allows people to keep up while on the go.


Flickr is among the most popular photo hosting sites. A social network for photographers and photo enthusiasts alike, Flickr also allows users to license their photos to Getty images.


A networking site for professionals, LinkedIn is a great place to to connect with other professionals. It isn’t an ideal place for finding clients however.


A fast growing social network, Pinterest is a virtual pin board where users pin things that interest them. Pinterest can be a useful marketing tool for photographers, especially wedding photographers as many brides-to-be use Pinterest for wedding inspiration.


Google+ is a great place to network. Google indexes your Google+ posts as searchable in their search engine, allowing you to increase your own search results. Facebook is less search-engine friendly; not all Facebook posts are indexed.


Instagram is a fun way to promote your photography -to a smartphone user base of about 100 million. While Instagram isn’t an ideal replacement for a portfolio, it’s another way to increase publicity for your photography website or portfolio. You can also easily import your Instagram photos to Photoswarm.

When promoting your photography online, keep in mind that that quality of content is more important that quantity –when it comes to generating new followers. Give your readers something to enjoy, and continue posting to keep them coming back.

Which social media sites do you find helpful?