Social media marketing is an invaluable promotional tool for the professional photographer.

With over 70% of people turning to the internet to find out local business information, having an established online presence is an important way to stand out.

But with so many different social media sites at your disposal, online social media marketing can easily take up a big portion of your day.

Here are some ways for the professional photographer to simplify their social media marketing strategy. These tips will help to make it easier for you to keep up, and keep up to date –on the latest in social media.

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Set Your Goals

Set your goals, and formulate doable steps to reach them. Be realistic in your goals –don’t expect to instantly gain new customers overnight just by opening a new social media account. Social media is a great way to get the word out about your company, but to be effective you will need to set goals, and create a strategy.

Ideal goals for social media include using social media to get a feel for relevant issues and content, to determine your target market’s interests, and to get the word out about your photography services. An unrealistic goal would be to expect five new customers per week through Facebook.

Create a Strategy

In order to simplify your strategy, you have to have a strategy to begin with. Simply spending a spare minute or two on Facebook every night doesn’t count.

Here are some examples of effective online marketing strategies. Yours may be different, depending on your goals, your location, target market, and the services/products that you provide.

  • Create content that people enjoy sharing and talking about
  • Post 1-4 updates on Facebook each day
  • Follow someone new every day
  • Comment on three status updates/photos per day
  • Get your timing right! Most research studies show that the hours of 8 am to 8 pm are good times to tweet and post to Facebook.


By cutting back on social media strategies that are less effective, you will have time to focus on things that are more important –and more effective. When it comes to photography, “the big three” social media sites to focus on are Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Facebook has more users than any other social media account, making it easier than ever to do targeted marketing.

Pinterest is the place to be for photographers, this virtual pin board allows users to “pin” things that are of interest to them –making it the perfect place for photographers to share their photos.

Instagram is a quickly growing social media website, with over 150 million users. Instagram is a great place for photography enthusiasts –and professionals alike- to share their photos with the world.


Automated publishing software and new technology can help you to simplify –while still being effective. The program Buffer is an example of a great tool that you can to use to streamline your effectiveness. Buffer makes it easy to keep multiple social media accounts up to date. Buffer also helps you to choose the best times to publish your posts, streamlining both your effectiveness and efficiency!

When it comes to competitive social media marketing, it’s important to keep in mind what’s important. Don’t lose sight of your goals. What matters most with social media is creating interest, generating traffic, and converting that traffic into customers.

What about you? Have you found a way to streamline your efficiency with social media marketing?