When we first built Photoswarm’s photo hosting websites we anticipated that people would generally want to just put a handful of images in each of their albums. We never dreamed that you might like to squeeze hundreds of images into a single album!

The problem with having so many images in an single album is that it can take a long time to completely load a page. People viewing an album would then experience a delay before they could see the full-size images (at the geek level – there’s only a single thread for loading content). Clearly we needed to do something about this.

Enter the Photoswarm Lazy Loader. The job of this sweet little addition is to ensure that content that is out of view is only loaded when required. So for example the thumbnails further down an album page will only load as you scroll down that page. In general it should look far enough ahead so that you won’t really see this happening but you should definitely feel the improvement in performance on big albums.

We’ve also rolled this feature out to admin sections of the photo websites to keep them nice and nippy too.