Wow, woke up to a storm this morning. It seems that a couple of weeks ago facebook changed their terms and conditions and today the worlds media caught on to this fact and it’s become headline news. There’s also a huge back lash on facebook with tens of thousands of users joining various¬†groups¬†protesting the change.

We’ve notice a fairly big spike in the amount of new users joining so I wanted to take this opportunity to reassure any newcomers that our terms are very simple.

We don’t own your photos….we don’t want to own your photos and never will want to own your photos.

I value my photographs and the copyright that goes along with them very highly and have absolutely no intention whatsoever of attempting to claim ownership of anybody elses, meaning that if you post your photos on a photoswarm site, only you retain the copyright. Sound good? Thought so.

Spread the word because facebook shouldn’t be allowed to get away with what amounts to blatant theft.