One of the best ways to find inspiration is by browsing the work of others. In photography this is especially true. Looking through photography blogs can give you a fresh perspective and tons of new ideas to work with.

Here are ten amazing photography blogs that have great content and presentation.

Amazing Photography Blogs 2013

Browsing them is sure to leave you inspired!

1. Bobbi + Mike

Blog: Bobbi + Mike

Mike and Bobbi are a husband and wife photography team located in Indiana. They specialize in weddings, portraits and lifestyle photography. Being a two person team allows them to capture a double perspective, and takes you behind the scenes in some of their photos. Their photography is real, candid, and alive.

2. Shelly Paulson Photography

Blog: Shelly Paulson Photography

Shelly Paulson is a wedding, portrait, and equine photographer. Most of her photography takes place in Minnesota, but she is also available for travel both within and outside of the US. Shelly lives through photography, and is passionate about capturing the beauty of life in her photographs.

3. Cornforth Wilderness Photography

Blog: Conforth Wilderness Photography

Jon Cornforth is the photographer behind the camera at He is an internationally acclaimed wilderness photographer whose work has received various awards and widespread recognition. Jon goes to great lengths to photograph animals such as penguins, bears, and whales in their natural environments. Check out his spectacular scenic photography too.

4. Jasmine Star Photography

Blog: Jasmine Star Photography

If you’re looking for inspiration, Jasmine’s website is the place to go. Her blog has a sleek design, and is full of amazing photography, everything from weddings to portraiture. She also has an incredible writing style that is engaging and makes you feel as if you’ve known her a long time.


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5. Daily Walks

Blog: Daily Walks

While her website is called “Daily Walks” Diane’s photos are far from just being “every-day.” Each of her photos is a spectacular display of the natural beauty found in everyday life. Diane’s work also has received many awards and much recognition.

6. Stuck in Customs

Blog: Stuck In Customs

Trey Ratcliff’s website “Stuck in Customs” is the number one travel photography blog on the Internet. Trey travels the world taking photos and writing about his experiences. His photos get over a million views a week, and it’s easy to see why! With his awesome photography, fun and engaging writing style, and the promise of a photo a day, his blog is nothing short of amazing.

7. Eye Poetry

Blog: Eye Poetry

Irene is a fine art and wedding photographer based in Montreal, Quebec. Her photographs have a surreal dreamlike quality to them, and are best described as visual poems. Irene lives in Canada, but travels the world from Paris to San Francisco taking artistic photographs. Irene is currently the top selling photographer on ETSY, and has had her work featured in shows such as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Her work has also been in various film sets, design blogs, and various gallery shows.

8. David Kleinert Photography

Blog: David Kleinert Photography

David is a nature and wildlife photographer located in Victoria Australia. After being inspired by other photography sites, David decided to publish his photography as well. His photos of the natural world in Australia offer an up close and fascinating look at the birds and wildlife that live in that unique part of the world.

9. Natalia Maks

Blog: Natalia Maks

How you view life, shines through your photography in more than one way. Natalia Maks has a passion for life, photography and travel. Her enthusiasm shows through into her photography.

10. Jeremy Cowart

Blog: Jeremy Cowart

This blog definitely deserves a mention. Jeremy Cowart’s website is full of various portraits of well known celebrities: including Taylor Swift, Tim Tebow, and the Kardashians. His website is also packed with many other projects he does as well. Jeremy is a world renowned photographer, speaker, and artist. He is also the founder of “Help Portrait;” a community of photographers using photography to give to people in need. Be sure to check out his website for inspiration on photography, and on helping others.


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BONUS EXTRA – Meeno Peluce

Blog: Meeno Photo

Aside from being an incredible photographer, writer and actor, Meeno is also one of the nicest guys we’ve ever met. He’s also got an amazing life story.


Photoswarm has seen its share of amazing photography too, and has even had the chance to feature some interviews with great photographers like Patrick Ward and Alex Callister. We’re always on the lookout for new photographers to feature, so if you know a blog that deserves a mention, just post a link in the comments below.